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J.T. Bock is an author of stories filled with action, adventure, horror, supernatural beings, romance, and crap like that. After recovering from pop culture overload (and too much wine) at the geek-fest known as the San Diego Comic-Con, J.T. will be adding more excerpts and free downloads of short stories for your reading pleasure—or maybe displeasure—depending if you like silly, creepy things. But they're free, so get over it.

Also, J.T. blogs periodically. Although she should be blogging more often (according to her PR friends), she'd rather be working on her next story, since her characters are bugging the hell out of her. Seriously, the next cast of characters are extremely vocal and the placebo pills along with several glasses of Pinot Noir aren't helping. Geesh, these UltraAgents are a real pain in the head.

What is an UltraAgent, you might ask?

(Or maybe you're not asking, J.T. doesn't give a poo, she's like the honey badger, so here's the description anyway.)

They are genetically modified humans who work for UltraSecurity, a niché security firm which solves crimes committed by other modified people. Each story focuses on the misadventures of a different agent with loads of cool weapons, super powers, and a little something-something at the end.


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"With A Surefire Way, Bock provides an epic adventure jam-packed with everything that makes reading a pure pleasure—a strong heroine, a cocky hero, super powers, danger, skullduggery and laugh-out-loud humor."
—Kathy Altman, author of The Other Soldier and Staying at Joe's

"J.T. Bock has a wickedly funny and charming sense of adventure."
—Carlene Love Flores, author of Sidewalk Flower

"Colorful as a comic book, Bock mixes action and romance with Aztec mythology in this roller coaster ride of a story."
—Willa Blair, author of Highland Healer

"This was a fantastic take on the whole "mutant" human storyline. I love the twist that the Aztec mythology added to everything. With a new surprise around every chapter - the book remained interesting up until the very end."
—Jasmyn, reviewer, Bitten by Paranormal Romance

"I was quickly drawn into the story easily slipping into the pictures in my mind. The writing sparked a fabulous tableau of images that easily flowed from the author’s descriptive words through my mind’s eye."
—Mindy, reviewer, Books, Books, and More Books

J.T. Bock's A Surefire Way, the first tale of the UltraSecurity force, delivers the following:

  • a group of superhumans (UltraAgents) joined to protect citizens from evildoers—for a pre-contracted fee
  • a kick-butt, rookie agent with daddy issues who doesn't follow the rules
  • a quick-tempered boss annoyed with his rookie agent for not following the rules
  • a flawed, yet incredibly attractive, hero afraid of bugs
  • a half-roach villain with an ego problem
  • a self-absorbed, vengeful god set to destroy the world (What else would a god do with his time?)
  • a sexy goddess with a personality disorder
  • a forbidden romance and even more forbidden sexytime
  • loads of action and adventure like running, jumping, shooting guns and things, traveling to alternate worlds, battling cranky gods, bouncing a head around, searching for creepy Aztec skulls, and other fun stuff
  • did we mention forbidden love?




Surefire's plan was simple: Capture the genetically modified thief Raven. Win back the respect of her father. Get promoted from rookie to full-time UltraAgent--raise included.

Easy, right? Well, not so much.

An ancient god is threatening to take over the world and only Raven can stop him--with Surefire's help. Now Surefire must team with Raven, who is more than he seems under his distractingly tight pants, and give up everything she had thought important to save the world.

In the outskirts of modern-day DC is a portal through which vamps and werewolves from Dark Earth illegally travel into our dimension looking for a resource long extinct on their planet—pure human blood—found only in our world, which they call Pure Earth. Fighting to protect Pure Earth is a trio of women with fantastic abilities, and one of them will discover her destiny in between worlds. The book is being reviewed for publication. I hope to make it available to all in the very near future.


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